Set Visconti's bukle, 14th century

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Set of Bukle +_strap-end from statue of Barnabo Visconti, Milan 14th century 

Origin: statue of Barnabo Visconti, Milan 14th century 

Dating: 1323 - 1385


Bukle: 50 x 140 mm circa

Strap-end: 50 x 75 mm circa

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Avayable with counter-rivets

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300,00 €

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little history: 

ViscóntiBernabò was born in Milan, the son of Stefano Visconti and Valentina Doria. From 1346 to 1349 he lived in exile, until he was called back by his uncle Giovanni Visconti. On 27 September 1350 Bernabò married Beatrice Regina della Scala, daughter of Mastino II, Lord of Verona and Taddea da Carrara, and forged both a political and cultural alliance between the two cities. His intrigues and ambitions kept him at war almost continuously with Pope Urban V, the Florentines, Venice and Savoy. In 1354, at the death of Giovanni, he inherited the power of Milan, together with his brothers Matteo and Galeazzo. Bernabò received the eastern lands (BergamoBresciaCremona and Crema), that bordered the Veronese territories. Milan itself was to be ruled in turn by the three brothers. The vicious Matteo was murdered in 1355 at the order of his brothers, who divided his inheritance between them.