Lorica segmentata hanger

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Lorica's hanger

Material: Bronze

Origin: Aalen museum, Germany

Dating: 1st - 3rd century AD

Dimension: 50 x 13 mm

Rivets included 

Ready in about 10 days 

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Copy of a bronze roman lorica's hanger of 1st- 3rdcentury conforming to the original in archeo-compatible dimensions and material, suitable for historical re-enactors and museums.

Handcrafted by Di Saro' Marco in the Italian Labortemporis laboratory located in France.

Ventral and dorsal lorica's hanger. 

in the picture yo can see the original preserved in Aalen museum, Germany

this type of hanger was really common in all roman area, form republicain period till 3rd secntury AD.

there are a lot of findings in all europe without specific geographical distinction.