roman Toilet set

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Roman Toilet set

Material: Bronze

Origine: France, privat collection

Datating: 1st-5thcentury

Dimensions: 80 x 14 mm

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Copy of a roman toilette set of 1st-5th century conforming to the original in archeo-compatible dimensions and material, suitable for historical re-enactors and museums. Handcrafted by Di Saro' Marco in the Italian Labortemporis laboratory located in France.

This tool was very common in all eruop since Bronze-age till end of Middle-age

the choose one have 4 tools:

-) nails cleaner

-) hear cleaner

-) nails cutter

-) tweezer

Following, some samples:

Privat collection, French 

Datation unknown

Museum of poitiers, France

Datation unknown

British museum, UK

Datation: 400 - 410